5 Steps to Convert Led Headlight in Toyota Tacoma

The chemicals in the halogen bulb are very reactive, there are 5 chemicals in it. Each halogen bulb features a thin tungsten filament and a glass filament capsule. This bulb is filled with halogen glass. The halogen bulb produces a pure and bright white light.

Although Toyota Tacoma trucks are very reliable vehicles, they require occasional maintenance. One part you may have to replace in your Tacoma is your headlight. Like any bulb, they wear out over time. There are no specialized tools needed to change your Tacoma flashlight. You can almost do everything by hand. You can buy replacement led car bulbs at any auto parts store and in many department stores.

Toyota Tacoma


  • Open the hood of your Tacoma. With a 1/4-inch ratchet and socket, disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery to avoid bumps or short circuits.
  • Locate the rear of the headlight assembly. The bulb mounted on a plug that fits into the back of the flashlight assembly.
  • Turn the cap counterclockwise and pull it back. This step will eliminate the headlight bulb and its socket.
  • Remove the bulb from its socket. Push the new 9007 light bulb led into the socket. Push the plug into the back of the headlight assembly and fix it by turning clockwise or clockwise.
  • Reconnect the negative black battery cable to the battery and tighten the terminal to the battery terminal.

Toyota Tacoma

Something you should know

A driving lights install in front of a vehicle such as an SUV, pickup truck always produces a straight and narrow light beam. The light is more directed compared with the fog light, with increased intensity. They aim to fill in gaps between the car and the area of the high beam bottom that lack of illumination.

It recommends keeping all your car lights on when driving in the frigid and wet weather if your car installs with LED headlights. In this condition, you need to reduce the speed of your car, otherwise, you would have a risky drive while driving at a high speed. After all, driving safety is the most important.

Toyota Tacoma

There are many kinds of LED bulbs for your choice, even though it is hard work to select out the right bulbs for your headlight. You must first search online and find out which LED bulbs are a suitable one for your car, including the size and performance. Each bulb can work well in most cars, but make it work effectively is your decision. It is quite important to consider the brightness, energy consumption, and replacement cost when you make a decision.


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