How to Choose Led Lights for Your Car and Truck

As we have been saying, the main difficulty of high power LED bulbs to apply in the automotive headlight is that they have to incorporate a heat sink with enough surface area to transmit, by convection, the heat generated by the LED to the air. Otherwise, the LED will reach dangerous temperatures that could exceed its optimal operating temperature, could even stop driving, and therefore emit light permanently.

Since you have your manual and you know your car well, I want to mention 3 of the fundamental aspects of the LED headlight or led bulbs such as 921 led bulb for cars and trucks that you should know before buying, this section may be a bit technical, but I hope to be as clear as possible.

In summary, the best LEDs you can buy for your headlights, whether they are high or low, it is recommended that they comply with the following:
– The package must be CSP type
– Make sure the chip is from quality or recognized brand
– The heat dissipation must be by wire mesh or metal base

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COB and CSP packaging type

The first point is to know the encapsulation, and this refers in general terms to the type of LED assembly, and we can usually find two types of encapsulations:

– COB (Chip-on-board) type encapsulation, this type of encapsulation means chip on the board and characterized by grouping many LEDs in a semi-rigid resin, allowing angles of up to 120 degrees. This feature indicates that the LED light such as t10 led bulb will emit In a distributed and non-directional way; this type of encapsulation usually does not require control and connects directly to the source.

– CSP (Chip Scale Package) type encapsulation, this type of encapsulation based on flip-chip technology, which allows eliminating the paste or substrate that used when adhering the chip to the PCB. It is useful in manufacturing as it reduces costs. The most important thing is that this encapsulation allows better thermal contact, high current densities, and the light it emits is directional.

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Heatsink type

The third important aspect is the type of power heatsink. Usually, we can find three heatsinks:

– LED spotlights with a fan heatsink
Metal base heatsink
– Heat dissipation by metal mesh

At this point, you already know the most important thing that an LED headlight should have for your car or motorcycle. However, it does not mean that the other products are bad; they made to meet certain needs. They aimed at a certain audience since they do not comply with the three previous points that are usually cheap, and many people buy them, and they are happy.

Until recently, we can’t say that led low beam and main beam headlight are mature on technology. That is because some people doubt the quality of some LED bulbs. After all, they incorporated complex heat evacuation systems that had just stopped working during the first weeks of use. It might seem like a relatively easy mission if we have to design a light bulb with a large heatsink and compatible with as many car manufacturers as possible. It gets complicated.


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