How to Install Jeep JK Led Projector Halo Headlight

I’m here with elegance for less and we’re here to cover the installation of the seven inch round halo headlights for your Jeep Wrangler anywhere 07 to 2017.

The first step to the process is removing the grille to get access to the headlights with a flathead screwdriver and you come to the top of the grill. Once your removed all six pins from the top of the grill come down to your turn signal indicator and remove the plug so that you can freely move the grille from the body of the Jeep, and remove the four screws of the headlight.

Once you have the headlight completely out you’re going to see your H13 plug, You’re going to take your anti flicker cable plug this one to the end of the H13 and then you’re going to take the end of the anti-Frenkel cable and plug it into the back of the headlight. That will complete the connection for the high beam and low beam on your new cable headlights.

When we get the replacement bi-led projector headlights, you’re going to see two different wires on the back of the headlights. You’re going to see your red wire and a green wire. The red wire is going to be your white daytime running light, the green wire is not a ground wire, it is your turn signal indicator light which is your amber turn signal. That these get grounded is to do the main H4 plug, so you’re going to take this wire. You’re going to wire it to your turn signal indicator which is down on the plug. Once you complete the connection on both headlights and you can test them. They will not work unless both headlights are wired. For some reason the turn signals don’t activate until there’s a complete circuit, so both headlights have to be plugged in.


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