How to Replace Headlight Bulbs to LEDs on 1th Gen Ford Expedition

The headlight bulbs of your Ford Expedition will burn out in time like any bulb. Because lights are an important safety feature, replace a burnt headlight immediately. Be careful not to get any natural oils from your hands on the bulb glass, or it will be damaged.

Halogen bulbs work well in the car and your car is designed to work with the higher energy demands of these halogen bulbs. But because they are a filament bulb, which will burn out quickly. The wire of the bulbs heats and cools over and over again, it will eventually fissure and the bulb will need to replace. As a result, you will need to buy more and more bulbs to replace it. The cheapness of the components becomes a false economy.

Ford Expedition


Open the hood and disconnect the negative cable from the truck battery. Leave the hood open so you can access the headlight from the back.

Push the clamp housing clamp clips backward; These clips are near the top of the headlight and the front frame of the truck. Pull the clips up after pushing to release the headlight housing.

Pull the headlight housing out and away from the truck so that you can access the bulb retaining ring from the back of the lamp.

Turn the bulb retaining ring counterclockwise from the back and remove the bulb and the retaining ring from the headlight housing. Pull the bulb out to remove it from the socket assembly.

Ford Expedition

Insert the new h3 headlight bulb led into the mounting socket, making sure not to touch the bulb glass with bare fingers. Insert the socket with the bulb into the headlight housing and tighten the retaining ring.

Place the headlight housing in place on the truck and install the retaining housing clips.

Reconnect the battery cable and close the hood.

Tips and warnings

  • Wear rubber gloves when installing the new headlight bulb so as not to touch the glass with bare skin.

Ford Expedition

That’s why people customize their off-road vehicles to make them strong for the difficult off-road terrain. They also change LED bulbs to make it more special. Some LEDs combine the benefits of both the spot and the flood led light, which creates an unforgettable look for the truck. It’s a great deal with the brand new bulbs if you are looking to drive at night, enjoying the outdoors with your friends and family.

LED has been very popular in the automotive lighting aftermarket scene for a while. But there is also a problem that is people like the reflector style headlight, they cause lots of glare. Because some reflectors do not design for LED technology. So it is important to check which bulbs fit for your car.


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