How to Replace the Broken Headlight Switch in Chevrolet Truck

For the traditional incandescent bulb, the tungsten evaporates over time and settles on the inside of the glass bulb. As a result, it leads to a partial blackening of the glass bulb and reduces the luminous efficacy. More and more people choose to change a LED bulb to take place with the halogen bulb to increase its lifespan.

If the headlights have stopped working your Chevrolet truck, you may have a defective headlight switch. The h11 headlight switch allows you to turn the low lights, as well as change their brightness. Although Chevrolet has produced a wide variety of trucks, including the S-10 and Silverado, the process for installing a new headlight switch remains relatively similar for each model. Wait for all the work to take about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Chevrolet Truck


1, Turn off your Chevrolet truck and keep the hood open.

2, Disconnect the negative battery cable in the engine compartment.

3, Sit in the driver’s side seat and remove the mounting screws from the lower dashboard liner with a Phillips screwdriver. Exit the bottom dashboard liner.

4, Remove the headlight switch mounting screw for the headlight switch holder with a Phillips screwdriver.

5, Turn the h11 led headlight bulb switch knob to the “Off” position. Push it in and then pull it and the attached shaft of the headlight switch housing.

Chevrolet Truck

6, Pull the headlight switch housing from the top trim of the dashboard. Carefully pry with the flathead screwdriver, if it is not going to come out with your fingers. Do not shake out of the molding if it still plugged in.

7, Disconnect the two-wire harnesses from the back of the headlight switch.

8, Connect the two wiring harnesses to the rear of the replacement headlight switch, secure the switch in the headlight switch holder with the mounting screw and replace the bottom dashboard liner.

Chevrolet Truck

Many car owners do not realize it is not an easy task to put a new LED bulb in the car. It is very hard to install the new bulb if you do not get the right type and experience. Instead of running the risk of damaging the new parts, you should ask a professional to give you a hand to deal with it. It is no mind to pay them to do this work, it will help to ensure the job is done correctly and that you can get your car back on the road in a hurry.

There are various kinds of aftermarket LED bulbs, and you can find them in many places. You have an infinite list of options that can install in your car. Whatever types of bulbs you install, you can personalize your headlight as much as you would like. That will make your car unique and bring you more joy than it already does. But be careful to pick your provider and make sure it offers good quality. Safe driving is the first rule.


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