Install 9005 Led Bulb in 2000 Toyota Tundra Headlight

As soon as one of its 2000 Toyota Tundra headlights burns, it is necessary to replace it. Driving with even a headlight out can dramatically decrease visibility at night or during inclement weather. Replacement white 9005 led bulbs can purchase at most auto parts stores. Because each manufacturer uses different aftermarket part numbers, you need to take the old headlight in an auto parts store with you or write down the code printed on the headlight base when buying a replacement.

2000 Toyota Tundra


Pull the hood opening lever on the driver’s footwell and open the hood. Locate the electrical connector on the back of the headlight housing.

Unplug the electrical connector from the back of the headlight housing. You can press down on the release tab on the top of the connector and pulling the connector from the back of the headlight.

2000 Toyota Tundra

Turn the headlight and collar counterclockwise 1/4 turn, then pull the headlight from the housing assembly.

Install the new 9005 led headlight. To do this, orient the eyelashes on the headlight collar with the notches cut in the box assembly. Press the headlight on the case assembly and turn clockwise. The rest of the installation is the inverse of the extraction.


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