The Guide for Buying Jeep Wrangler Led Headlight Kit

We’re going to cover all the latest and greatest in LED headlights for your Jeep now whether you have a brand new Wrangler or one that’s a few years old. One of the things that you’ll quickly realize when driving at night is how lacking the factory headlights are. With all the recent developments in LED technology both improving the quality and reducing the cost, it makes LED replacement headlights the clear choice when you’re looking for a headlight upgrade.

You have your reflector style lights, your projector style lights and your forward-facing LED style lights. They all get that light out onto the road but they do it in slightly different ways.

All these lights come with an h4 style connector which is going to plug in straight to a CJ or TJ Wrangler. now if you’ve got a newer JK Wrangler, we’re going to package the lights with an adapter harness to go from an h4 on the back of the light to an H 13 that will plug into the factory harness. Some of the lights will actually even package with a PWM or a pulse width modulator which helps correct the flickering issue with LEDs.

These are a reflector style design light which has the LED facing back into the lens and then projecting that light out onto the road.

It’s a really nice clean look both of them put out the same amount of light on the road. There’s a cast aluminum heatsink housing on the back which helps disperse that heat, and they’re used Philips LED chips that are sure to give you a lot of long-lasting life and good quality light out on the road.

Moving on to the truck light by rigid industries LED headlights. This is the same reflector style light as the Q series lights, has those LEDs facing back into the reflector which projects light out of the road. It’s very efficient and puts a nice beam pattern out into the road for you. One of the cool things that truck light is they built a heated LED light where they’ve actually incorporated a defroster wire into the lens of the light. It can have a tendency to build up on the lens when it falls below that freezing point it automatically activates that defroster circuit on the lens to help melt away snow and ice.

This is a projector style light and the main thing is what they’re using a projector lens with the LED behind that to project that light out onto the road. So the LED is actually facing forward, it’s not facing back into a reflector. That projector does a really nice job dispersing the light evenly across the road and giving you a really sharp cut off which is important. A lot of lifted Jeeps you’re not going to be blinding oncoming traffic going down the road, people flashing their high beams at you.

The Putco Luminix LED headlight which is a drastically different design. Putco is using a forward-facing LED design that like LED light bars. They’ve actually set 15 individual LEDs into a solid piece of aluminum. As the housing, each of these individual LEDs is angled slightly different to give you the proper beam spread out on the road. It’s a super thin profile, a lot of guys running custom ROC buggies and things really like because space is at a premium and it can be really easy to mount for those guys again it mounts in all the same housings.


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