The Guide to Replace a Toyota Pickup Low Beam Headlight

The Toyota Pickup first introduced in 1976 when Toyota dropped the Hilux name of its company van. It remained as the Pickup until mid-1995 when Toyota changed the name to Tacoma. Replacing the low beam 9004 led headlight bulb on the 1993 Toyota Pickup is relatively easy.


The 1993 Toyota Pickup makes use of a sealed beam square headlight. This result means that instead of having a small bulb inserted into a plastic assembly, the Pickup uses a large glass assembly as its headlight. The whole assembly must replace when the bulb burns out.

Toyota Pickup


Getting the sealed beam headlight from the start requires the removal of some components. You must first remove the two screws that fix the side position bulbs on the Toyota body. After that, the truck grill should be removed by pressing the clips and pulling it forward. Finally, there is a metal cover that surrounds the lighthouse; Remove that, pull the headlight, and then unplug the headlight.


Plug the new white 9004 headlights into the harness and sit in the front of the truck. Place the bezel around the headlights and tighten the screws. Push the grill until the clips snap into place. Finally, tighten the screws that hold the side position lights on the Toyota body.


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