Tips to Install Led Headlights on All 1991 Toyota Pickup Trucks

Toyota headlights are indispensable to see at night or in adverse weather conditions. Some Toyota models have sealed road lights that are all in one piece, but for all 1991 Toyota pickup trucks, these were composite headlights, with easy to install light bulbs, such as a high low beam led h13 bulb, 9005 led bulb, etc.

Headlight Housing

The difference between a sealed beam headlight and a compound can determine by looking outside the Toyota. If there seems to be no method to get on the headlight, this is a sealed beam design. If there is a necklace surrounding the headlights, they are composite materials.

While you change your standard sidelight bulbs with xenon bulbs or the very latest LED bulbs, both of them can change the nighttime appearance for your car. The biggest reason is to replace the halogen with LED bulbs, because of its low energy cost. LED stands for light-emitting diode and they have several benefits over the halogen bulbs.

Toyota Pickup Trucks

Detachable bulb

The real bulb for the headlight on a 1991 Toyota truck is inside the glass housing and, when turned counterclockwise, can be pulled from the back of the headlight housing. On some models, there is a spring fixing the bulb in place.


Once the old bulb is unplugged, the new led car bulb can simply plugin then pushed into the same Assembly like the original bulb. Repeat this for as many headlights as replacement is necessary. If you are installing halogen headlights, keep in mind that skin oils on the surface of the bulbs “can shorten their life, so wear gloves or handle them for just the sockets.

Toyota Pickup Trucks

HID bulbs

HID bulbs usually use the xenon gas, which is a colorless and odorless gas, one that is found in small amounts naturally in the earth’s atmosphere. It is the same as halogen, xenon can produce a bright and clean white light. HID bulbs with xenon gas can emit good lighting, which is more energy-efficient and last longer than halogen bulbs. However, they are a little expensive to buy and hard to replace, it could cause glare to other drivers because it is very bright.

LED bulbs

Although the LED lights are not as intense as other kinds of lights, the light they produce is clean. That helps the driver see the front road better, although the light is not as intense. LED headlights have various designs for selection that create an opportunity to add some personality to their cars and trucks. Some manufacturers would also add the deluxe edition because they give a modern look and an excellent appearance for the car light.


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