Tips to Replace the Headlight Bulb on 90s Toyota Truck

The first automotive LED light was installed in the ’84 Corvette as a brake light. When the driver presses the brake with a great deal of force, the car behind it would quickly. This result helps the driver know how quickly they should stop behind the vehicle.

Properly work lights are important for safety and legal reasons. For the owners of a 1993 Toyota truck, the headlights are easily accessible and replaceable. The repair can do in less than 30 minutes without tools other than a spare bulb. If this is your vehicle, learn to change the led bulb 9006 to save some money.

Toyota Truck


Set the parking brake and make sure the Toyota’s ignition is off for safety reasons.

Open the hood and find the electrical connector on the back of the headlight assembly. Press the tab on the electrical connector to separate it from the assembly.

Remove the rubber bulb cover from the back of the bulb socket. Release the retaining spring to loosen the bulb and pull the plug directly.

Insert the replacement 9006 car light bulb into the socket. Return the rubber cover to its original position before reconnecting the electrical connector on the back of the headlight assembly.

Close the hood and test the new headlight to make sure it installed correctly.

Tips and warnings

  • Always wear latex gloves when handling headlight bulbs. The skin fat can cause the bulb glass to break.

Toyota Truck

Installation experience

We recommend you to put a new electronic flasher unit with the LED installed, it can take a role plays to acquire OEM light bulb metal brackets for mounting it. Each base of the LED bulb has its distinctive features and may vary depending on the particular vehicle. When you change these light bulbs, you should know which base is fit for your car.

The replacement headlight bulbs installed in your car must display compliant Unites State Road Safety Rules or equivalent markings. White lights and reflectors must face forwards. The U.S. law stipulates headlights must produce white light, you can not make it different from others.

It is a wise choice to consider the bulb installation. It might not easily work to install the headlight bulb by yourself. You can ask for the professional who has the experience to install the headlight bulb. Otherwise, you can choose a headlight bulb which is easy to install by yourself.


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